Blake Henderson embodies the essence of country music through his life experiences and genuine connection to its roots. Born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma, he developed a deep appreciation for the sounds and stories of country music. Before making his mark in Nashville, Blake spent his early years working in the oil fields, learning the value of hard work and perseverance, reflecting the blue-collar ethos that resonates with country music fans. A dedicated family man, he cherishes his role as a loving husband and father to his two children. With his remarkable vocals and captivating stage presence, Blake has been performing live since the tender age of 8, forging an authentic connection between himself and his audiences. His talents caught the attention of New Lost City records, leading to a signing that sets the stage for an exciting musical journey ahead. Blake carries the torch of the country music pioneers before him, weaving in his sounds and stories that touch the hearts and souls of listeners while staying true to the traditions that make country music timeless.

New Lost City Records